Developing simple laboratory automation for biological research.

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About us

At Bifrost Biolabs we strive towards shedding light on the biological research. We are a team of cross-disciplinary scientists and engineers who work hard on transforming biology from an art to a science by giving researchers the tools they need to obtain conclusive results.

Our first product is a sensor that can measure the culture conditions of in transparent containers. These are conditions such as cell growth, pH, Dissolved oxygen and temperature. All of this is done in a high throughput manner protected by our patented technology.

The sensor is will enable a faster scale-up of the organisms in an industrial pilot plant.

Please write an email if you are interested in learning more about the company or the product. We are always interested in talking to costumers and collaborators

Our mission

Nowadays, one of the main problems faced by scientific staff is the loss of time caused by manual tasks which could be easily automatized. Biological research is a demanding field where time plays a crucial role in product development, directly affecting the success of the project.

At Bifrost Biolabs, we are focused on creating affordable technology using sensors that can be tuned to provide a constant input of data according to your needs. We believe that our products will be able to save precious time for most research teams involved in cell culturing.

Our ultimate goal is to provide automatized laboratory solutions for researchers in academia and industry.

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